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The Spritas

The spritas, is a forum site for sprite animators of all types, here we help animators, critique their work, and collaborate, we at times could have tournaments/contests as well hosted by out very own

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Free forum : Stennymad

Free forum : Cliquey, pretentious, intellectual bullies with bad hair cuts.

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PAS-3 ... One channel cuts out ?

I have an older PAS-3 preamp that always worked well. Recently I have noticed that after it has been on a few hours just the right channel will crackle and then sometimes cut out completely. It may come back on a little but it usually craps out again a fe

Tree cuts sealed with wax

I've heard in the past from my dad that my grandfather used to seal the tree cuts using the wax from bees. Can the tree cuts be sealed with wax from bees?

Need to paint cuts and bruises!

I really want to learn how to paint cuts and bruises without having to buy any extra products for this project. I have a whole bunch of colors in Diamond FX, is there a way I can get a good "beat up" look with just my face paints? Please let me know!

Oven cuts power off!! Help

I just bought the oven and my first attempt to use it, the fan is very noisy and eventually tips off the house power! I put the power on, set the oven setting and once again when it runs for a few seconds, noisy once more and the whole power is down

2011 Topps Diamond Die Cuts & 2012 Topps Golden Moments Die Cuts For Sale

Looking to raise some paypal for an item i'm watching. 2011 Topps Diamond Die Cuts DDC-63 Brandon Morrow BV $5.00, Sell $1.00 DDC-64 Chris Sale BV $5.00, Sell $1.00 DDC-101 Nelson Cruz BV $8.00, Sell $1.60 DDC-118 Danny Valencia BV $5.00, Sell

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