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Free forum : Stennymad

Free forum : Cliquey, pretentious, intellectual bullies with bad hair cuts.

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Unemployed Friends 2.0

A community dedicated to the support and advocacy for the unemployed.

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SmartGWT 2.4 user-extensions.js issues

Hi, I'm new at Selenium IDE, and I'm trying to make it work with SmartGWT, but I'm facing an awkward issue with user-extensions that you eventually knows how to solve it. Well, after deploying the user-extensions and the user-extensions-ide as

Allowed Extensions on Uploader

I work with a forum as an admin. We are a groups that makes games useing a program called blender. Blender saves it's files as a .blend file or .blend1 file. I was wondering if it could be possible to add this extension to the uiploader, rather than

RunScript is working but not getEval

HI, I am trying to call one javascript function getBoundaries to get some array value from the browser. The function is working fine and returning the value in alert when I use runScript as; selenium.runScript("alert(getBoundaries());"); But

Sri Lanka cuts taxes on milk powder

Sri Lanka has cut taxes on imported milk powder from 50 rupees a kilogram to 28 rupees as global commodity prices surged, a finance ministry official said soon after taxes on petrol were cut to maintain prices. S R Attygalle a senior Treasury official

New user extensions for date and time related functions.

hi guys, There is some more function in new user extension related to the date and time. It contain the following functions: 1. StoreCurrentDate : This function store current system date in MM/DD/YYYY format.If you want to change the

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