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Gateway to Roleplay

Gateway to Roleplay is a site with a friendly community involved with fun chat and role play of various genres, including fantasy, fandom, original, and modern!

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Free forum : Gateway

Free forum : Paranormal Site. Free forum : Gateway. Free forum,

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GateWay GFX

The Gates are open to the GFX world.

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Blades of Transcendence Fleet

The Transcending Blades of Ascension guide the gateway to the Divine Beyond.

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Gateway To Roleplay Rules

1. No spamming or straying too far from the thread's topic. Posts that are obviously spam will be edited and deleted and the user posting it will be banned. If you feel you were banned wrongfully, just email a staff member, and we will negotiate. We do

Dragon Gateway

[Attn: Open] The City of Myreria; it was quiet this time of the morning. Isadeva made her way silently down the stair cases, and into the main hall of the riders court. Several of the staff nodded towards her as she passed, some even greeting her kindl

Gateway Staff

Gateway to Role-Play Administrators Holsety Profile Holsety is the Primary Administrator and Forum Enforcer, an active role-player, assists with enforcing and improving the rules, forum security, and is in charge of the Moderators Group and the


Do you have what it takes to win the Grail? What if you could turn back time and fix ANY one thing you wanted? What if you could have riches beyond your wildest dreams, have any girl you wanted? Any wish can be granted, but only to the worthy few. Many

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