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Update on hair

Well, it's been awhile since I posted pictures of my hair and it's changed a little and definitely improved since then. It's grown a little longer, I've had two sets of layers cut in to give me some actual top volume and I've got a new dye-job. Although

G&H "Curly Cut" WOW!

I was all set to hate this stuff when Dad told me it was actually a sliced rope. My experience with rope hasn't been good. Most are aaaaaay to strong for my palate BUT Kenny DID give me a big ass sample of it at the last SHPC meeting and I sure as hell

Straight/curly/tied hair

Which one works best for you? Personally I like my hair straight.

New Curly rope in Europe by Peter Heinrichs

Hello! I found in a very Popular forum in Germany an interesting new topic of a new tobacco. Peter Heinrichs in Cologne Germany has a new tobacco for sale. It looks like a unsliced Escudo in a Curly rope form! They sell it in 250-500gr.

A&C Petersen curly cut melange #410

well, I think after 5 bowls of this I can say with confidence that this is the best vaper I have ever had. in the tin it smells strongly of grapes and wine. the dime sized rolls are covered in sugar crystals. it burns cool and dry and tastes like heaven.

Curly hair advice please :) ~~

Hi girliesss! I need your advice please My hair is naturally curly, but not like pretty gyaru loose curls, more like a poofy ringlet mess -__- Does anyone else here share my problem?? And if you do, how do you get your hair into those pretty loose

The woes of having curly hair

This reminded me of someone:

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