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A place where players can meet other mature players without first having to go through 500 hours of listening to complete BS.

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Fifth Wall Gaming

18+ Forum for Xbox 360 where laughs are more important than your k/d ratio! !

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Burnout Car Tuning

AGROV8's Burnout Tuning Basics Parts Setup The parts setup is the first stage of setting up a successful burnout car. When buying upgrades you need to take a number of things into consideration, which includes 1. Power ( as much as possible with th

Results & pics from 4th OZFM Off-Street Drag & Burnout Comp!!

Here are the results from the last event - 4th OZFM Off-Street Drag race & Burnout comp results from the 12th September Well it was our 4th OZFM Off-Street Drag race and we had another new guy hitting the strip with us. We are slowly growing and com

Results & pics from 2nd OZFM Off-Street Drag & Burnout Comp!!

2nd OZFM Off-Street Drag race & Burnout comp results 31st August Well the 2nd OZFM Wednesday night off-street drags and we had a couple new racers ready to hit the strip. We started a little late to organise last minute tunes for people to run.


Hey guys we have a few painters amoungst our ranks in PPRT so we will be posting pics of our latest paints here. All of the paints will be available on our storefronts. Here is a couple of paints from xPPRTxAGROV8x to kick our thread off. He was so

Burnout Paradise City V1.9 Review

Burnout Paradise City is the seventh game in the Burnout series and was released in January of 2008, so im definitely reviewing a golden oldie here. But unlike other titles that were released around the same time period this game does offer trophies, 98 i

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