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Kiwi and Kingfisher from dollcrown

The glaze is stunning on this Crown Lynn Kiwi vase. It has G9 on the base .... This Kingfisher still has the original price on it for 8/6 I can't recall seeing a white one before ....

The Very Old Crown Lynn Shape 67

This is quite an unusual has the number 67 on the base

Wisteria d560 for the gallery

I don't have a backstamp pic for this one.

Crown lynn number one

has any one seen a number one that is plain glaze rather than a blotch fawn colour and flower hand painted, and are they all numbered as sainsbury used the same shape supplyed by cl

Forma Charmaine D333

Do you have a picture of this one and the backstamp? If not, would you like a photo of each?

Looks like Crown Lynn stamp - but is it?

Was looking at this vase, looks like Crown Lynn numbering, but is it?

Crown Lynn - Melody

Photos courtesy of HeatherT [hope you get your computer sorted soon] This is rather spectacular isn't it !! and the backstamp...

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