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This forum is specialy designed for IMVU users to sell their files. This forum isn't monitored by IMVU. Inc neather is part of it.

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Bearville Guide

Bearville Guide - The Build A Bearville (BABV) Forum! Visit bearvilleguide. com for complete game guide, codes, contests, prizes, rare items, exclusive chatbox and everything else Build-A-Bearville!

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[SOLVED] Strangely payed twice that amount of credits I should have (Revisited)

From my previous topic back in January /t84112-i-had-to-pay-for-one-domain-twice I explained how I strangely booked my domain name twice. The outcome was that I need not worry. However, now that I am to pay for another year soon, I still have

[ Credits Management ] ~ Buy More HTML Pages

Hello, I would like to suggest that forum owners should have the right to purchase more html pages for their forum. This could be done Via Credits Management. Administration Panel=>Misc Tab=>Credits Management=>Spend Credits=> From

Founder information needed to manage credits

Hello. I was thinking in suggestions to improve the service and a good idea came into my mind: Wound`t be nice that when we want make an operation with credits (buy a domain or whatever we can do with credits), we need to enter our founder

Send To Other Forum credits

Hello Guys What Guys If We make a Smal idea On the Next Update On The Credits Place ma a Credits Transfer you Can Put The address Of the Forum than The Number of Credits Than Send To the Other Forum that Be Very Cool

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