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Mapua Ware

Waimea Potteries of Nelson used this brand name for their cast slipware. I finally found a piece with their stamp on it ..... and the backstamp which reads - Mapua Ware Waimea Pottery Ltd New Zealand

Waimea Pottery - Jack Laird

Jack and Peggy Laird started Waimea Pottery in 1964 at Nelson. Many potters worked for them including their son Paul. Adrian Bevis worked there when he was young.

Can anyone identify the maker of these oil & vinegar jugs? Yes Mapua Ware.

The style of these looks familiar to me, but I cannot place them, any ideas? They are stamped on the bottom, but all I can make out is 'New Zealand'

Creepy crawly's Test Results

Tester's Photon / Galaxy v.s Testee's Zombies Deck Construction: 53/60 (Sum of Creativity + Deck Consistency + Competitiveness) Creativity: 15/20 Deck Consistency: 20/20 Competitiveness: 18/20 Siding: 10/15 Skills: 33/40 (Sum of Usage of

Faye Ruddenklau Pottery mark, Mapua, for the gallery

This is the mark from a local potter (down the road from us almost), and is on the base of these cat salt & pepper

Wine Barrel is made by Mapua Ware Nelson

I bought this wine barrel from a shop down an alley off Queen Street (may have been Vulcan Lane.. )I think in the has 6 little beakers to go with it similar to the drip container only bigger.

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