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Free forum : Intro to Quantum Mechanics DJGriffith

Free forum : This forum is a platform to discuss about the book 'Introduction to Quantum Mechanics' by David J Griffiths

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Sex Magic, short Intro. Not advised for people under 18

Some things about Sex magic . In my opinions sex magic combined with love and blood magic is the most powerful form of magic one can preform .. due to the tremendous amount of energy released on release … The more skilled one has in sex magic and

New Intro - Jason

I just discovered this forum--I didn't even know the OBC had an online forum. I'm overjoyed to find this community! I first discovered Shasta Abbey about 4-5 years ago, went there for a retreat, then went back two more times for various events and

Meri-Aten (an intro...)

I have been reading this forum for some time and decided to participate. I'm not quite sure how to introduce myself. Asetianism is new to me, but the concept and practices resonate familiarity. I have been studying the occult for a long time and althoug

Intro - Newbie

Hi Everyone my name is Kirsty I had my first appointment in November with Dr Kevin Dolan, and I am due to have my sleeve done on the 1st feb 2012, at Hollywood Hospital, Perth. The time is going so quick and just under a month to go, can't wait

Intro to me

Hi my name is Bec. I am being sleeved on October 5th. I am so excited. Starting optifast next Wednesday for 3 weeks to help me lose some weight. Can't wait to chat to u all

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