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A show dedicated to DIY culture featuring tutorials, cool places and cool people.

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Where can I have a script of a navigation bar like LGFORUM got?

where can I have a script of a navigation bar like LGFORUM got?Also how can I make my navigation bar disappear?

5. LGforum Style Login

[h3]5. LGforum Style Log In[/h3](all board types)This tutorial will show you a mixture of CSS, HTML, jQuery and Javascript to make a simple but stylish and modern log in system. Feel free to spruce it up to your liking. Another bonus will be,

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Lg can you help me for this code please..?thank you!

I need to Add as Friend link to the post profile

HelloI want to code Adding an 'Add as Friend' and 'User Wall' link to the post profile As the subject/t17-3-add-as-friend-and-user-wall-link-in-post-profilesAnd I want to work on phpbb2

12. LGforum Style Login help

Which code should i use for menu in phpbb3 since onclick="LGlogin(); doesn't works

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