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Colombo Night Race - Friday

will cse close on friday coz of Colombo Night Race, friend of mine said road will close for preparation on friday arround fort area. is there are any notice about that?????

Investing in Colombo Stock Exchange

Investing in Colombo Stock Exchange Written by Raguram Raamakrishnan Monday, 06 February 2012 17:09 As most of us wondering what is happening in the Colombo bourse at the moment and few others fancying about their portfolios territory movements, there

Japanese Earthquake (EQ) IMPACT on Colombo listed Companies Economical View

FYI in light of the recent EQ in Japan, it may be worthwhile to think about companies that will benefit/suffer. I have jotted down some high level thoughts, but it would be worthwhile thinking about these issues more thoroughly. The direct impact on S

Colombo shares toast Tilak's SEC Chairmanship

Colombo shares saw some renewed optimism on Wednesday, backed by strong speculation that Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairmanship was accepted by former parliamentarian Tilak Karunaratne, analysts said. This speculation was confirmed by

Colombo Stock Exchange needs to be more transparent to help long-term investors

nvestors in the stock market generally look at the All Share Price Index to decide the strength of the market. If the Index is positive and its value has increased the investor will conclude that the market is strong. This will lead investors and traders

CLND BOI deal signed to transform Liberty Plaza into a premier retail destination

BOI deal signed for Rs. 600m new investment to revamp Liberty Plaza Colombo Land and Development Plc Group yesterday signed an agreement with the Board of Investment to undertake a Rs. 964 million revamp of Liberty Plaza in Colombo, including Rs. 600

Colombo Stock Watch

Dear Members We would like to introduce to you Sri Lanka’s first online media portal for information on organizations listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Colombo Stock Watch is a portal which collaborates information on listed organizations from

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