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The Compound: Black Dagger Brotherhood Fan Forum

Fan forum for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, the Dark Hunter series, and whatever else comes to mind.

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Critique these Houserules

So from what I've seen to allow more varied options and warband possibilities at least a few tweaks are needed, I know perfect balance is near impossible, but heres my attempt to a series of houserules. Mainly I want to know 'would you be willing to

Remove nubs with polishing compound

Has anyone tried the steps shown in below blog? remove nubs with polishing compound The does the surface still look different from other parts of the model? In terms of more shiny?

General production up-date OCTOBER 2013

Just a quick look at some of the parts in production at the moment. the good news is that the foden 6inch cylinder block is getting close. we now have it mounted on the 4th axis and this should allow us to drill all the angled holes at the same time,

Clever polish

First came across this in the car game. It's very good at those little scratches that appear whiteish on black(lacquer) and also other colours. Works pretty good on a guitar as well.

4" Burrell Scenic Showmans / Road Loco / Agricultural Engine Firm Pricing

Hi All, In previous posts we have given some technical information and some anticipated pricing. We have now made a firm decision on the initial price and kit contents. The 4" Burrell Double Compound Agricultural Engine will consist of 29

For Sherman fans

Halimski make some of the best paper models out there, I have their P-40E and it's amazing, can't wait to get into that some time. They recently came out with a 1/25 Sherman, actually the Firefly version of it, I'm guessing it wouldn't be too hard to

The Next 4" Engine - Burrell Single Crank Compound

Hi All, Now the Road Loco and Showman's are almost complete and the wagons that suit them have started being shipped it was time for us to consider our next 4" scale release. We are pleased to announce that the newest addition to the STW range

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