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A home for admirers of the Old Family Rednose line of American Pitbull Terriers

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Red nose staffy?

Hi, we have a 20 week old Staffy called Izzie. Upon a walk yest we were chatting to a lady who was a staffy lover who informed us that she is a Pittbull x Staffy as Staffy's do not have red nose's.Is this true? Elissa

Hi, new staffy owner looking for help

Hi all, here is a bit about my story, We recently got a new dog from a friend of a friend, he was bought round to our house and we chatted with the previous owner and took the dog for a walk and all seems great, hes great with kids and other dogs,

So what breed is this?

Obviously not Troy but the other. Does it look like a pedigree Pitbull or is there really no sure way of telling?

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