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Milton Keynes Model Helicopter Club Forum

A forum for the members of the Milton Keynes Model Helicopter Club

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Southmids Sportsters Forums

Southmids Sportsters Forums - For modern MG Rover enthusiasts in Northants, Bucks, Oxon and Beds

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Thinking about a new baby... RR HSE ??

Just ran across this on a local Craigs List. Thinking about putting the D2 into full time field mode and going to this or something like it) as my daily driver to and from PHL (driving 70 mile round trip daily). Seems like a way too cheap price. What d

Looking for male-side battery connector

All: I'm looking to purchase a few male-side battery connectors, as used in Zenith portable radios (like early Transoceanics) that use the 90V / 9V battery. The battery had the male connector embedded into its top. I'm making my own replacement

Robert Patrick News

Robert Patrick will appear Collectormania 17 in Milton Keynes, England, UK, on Saturday 28th to Monday 30th May 2011. Robert will be there all 3 days for the show. Check out details for the event here

James Cresswell, Woburn Pottery

Pair of goblets. Lovely glaze. Made by James Cresswell, Woburn Pottery. Found one reference that said he was apprenticed to Dame Lucie Rie in the 1940s and 50s. Woburn Pottery established in 1968. Woburn Abbey Garage, George Street, Woburn, Milton

VTA stepped attenuator in place of my PAS-3

Hey Bob, I finally got the stepped attenuator you sent me installed into my VTA ST-70 amp which I built from your kit. I use this amp in my playroom when we have people over. This is a second system and I had a basically stock PAS-3 that I was using for m


I am thrilled to read that Ms. wannabe journalist, Susannah Collins and Comcast Sports Net have parted ways. I am thrilled that I don't have to see any more intermission interviews with the hard hitting questions, "take me through your thoughts on that

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