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Referee standards in the county.

Lads, any comments on the standard of our refs in the county, keep it clean now and no personal abuse towards the men in black or as is the case now, a kind of grey/ green. Dont forget if we have no refs we have no games and no matter what they do, they

E254 Colgan's Chips Gavvy Cravath

For Sale - E254 Colgan's Chips Gavvy Cravath. Graded SGC 10 (1 of 3 graded and scan shows the card before it was slabbed). $50 Delivered (Insurance extra and optional), I take PayPal, money orders and checks. First e-mail to

Ospreys vs Glasgow Warriors this Friday...! Teams Announced

Ospreys v Glasgow Warriors The Liberty Stadium Friday, 14/9/12 7:05PM Referee: Leo Colgan (IRFU, 7th competition game) Assistant Referees: Gwyn Morris, Alan Jenkins (both WRU) Citing Commissioner: Dennis Jones (WRU) TMO: Nigel Whitehouse

E270 Red Border Cobb on ebay

Were you guys watching this auction? WOW. Anyone ever seen one of these babies before? I haven't. Kinda neat to see the design differences between it and the regular E254 Cobb.

Refereeing Performance Ratings.

Favourite: Niall Colgan, brilliant ref, doesn't let anything get in the way of been fair during a game and will give you a good telling off instead. Worst: Shaun Duane, awful ref, very biased. No reasoning with this man atall. Would like to read

Nap Rucker Colgan's & Blanket

Colgan's Rucker VG Sold Blanket Rucker EX Sold Paypal OK

Leo Colgan (IRFU) take a bow!

I may of upset people with my bitching about the refereeing standards so far in the Rabodirect this season, but tonights ref in the Dragons V Aironi game was fantastic, best refereeing performance of the year so far in the league. He was fair to both

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