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Chris Coleman

Very tasty drummer in my opinion.

Leigh Coleman -Official

Official Facebook Fan Page

Leigh Coleman with Joss Stone on This Morning ITV (UK) 25th July 2012

Why are morning shows such bright colours????? I turned them black and white because the orange yellow and red did nothing for my eyes

EP Launch Party -Mama Stones - 24th September 2012

Leigh Coleman is having his EP Launch Party at Mama Stones

Shameless Band promotion ;-)

Feel free to delete but we had a blast playing for Motorcycle Sunday a huge bike blessing held in our town every year. We just wanted to share a link to our youtube video. If you watch please leave a comment!

Leigh Coleman Videos

Leigh is from the North of England and moved down to Devon to be part of the Mama Stone’s Family in 2008. Now signed to Mama Stones as a recording artist, In addition to recording his own material for his debut album in Miami in the early part of 2010

The two extremes of Chris Coleman

Playing a music minus 1 Weckl cover: Worshop with guitar, bass and drums. Wonderful musicians.

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