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The Quilting & Patchwork Cottage

We are a group of like-minded people who come together to share ideas and encourage each other ... oh ... and we also enjoy the occasional swap as well ...

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Are Mediums born? Or made?

I believe that everyone has mediumistic ability to some extent: but that only a gifted few have the inherent ability to be real platform workers. What do you think? Jim

Any Gold Coasters interested forming a novice triathlon squad

Hi everyone, A friend of mine who is a triathlete and personal trainner here on the Gold Coast is hoping to get a novis Traiathlon Squad up and running. Below is the e-mail she sent regarding the training times and program. Personally Julie has

Rollar coaster being struck by lightning!

I dreamed i was with my sister and we were in Florida where my son had his MakeaWish granted. My sister and i were driving around trying to find the place we were supposed to be. My sis was driving and she went too far. I told her "WAIT! You've gone

Roller Coaster Dreams

i've heard these are very common and i know i've had many. the reoccuring theme i've noticed is where i'm on a REALLY tall ride and just want down.

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