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The Crux Move Forum

Free forum : Climbing. The Crux Move Forum. Climbing Rock Climbing,

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Mento's Clan

Climbing to the top

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Free forum : Trinity Climbers

free forum : Forum of Dublin University Climbing Club

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Free forum : Mud Thugs

Free forum : this is a forum for any one who rides an atv dirtbike or utv

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450 and hill climbing

How does the 450 do on long hill climbs. I have climbed steep short hills here in Ohio but never had it in the mountains. Headed to Harlan with some four wheeler buddies and I am thinking about taking the Rhino to be the beer cart. Any tips, feedback or

Leverage climbing Sticks

I couldn't really find any reviews but if I remember correctly there was a link to a guy who modified some, which totally voids any warranty. I order'd a set today and hopefully within the next week I will present a review with a video. I spoke with a

Saturday 4th A lesson in hill climbing.

As we are having a lesson in cake eating at Hill on Sunday then Mark Aerobully suggested a hill climbing lesson with Cake on Sat.Most likely same as Mark and I did a couple of weeks ago Start from Cam/Dursley park and ride .Up through Coaly cat5 then

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