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Shohin On Parade

I'm in the midst of repotting lots of trees. Here's a peek at several shohin trees. Some are show ready and some are just starting out. A Dwarf Yaupon Holly, (Ilex vomitoria Schillings nana) mini display with a small house plant foliage. The Ilex is i


On behalf of the British Shohin Association, the renowned bonsai artists John Armitage and Peter Warren will be hosting the “Shohin Clinic” consultation service at the Shohin UK Exhibition on March 24th 2013. This expert consultation service will be

Yamadori yew for shohin

I want to introduce my new yew, that should become a shohin in the future. Cant work on it for an other year though. Where did I get it, from my friend Tony Tickle. Well I would love to get some input and thoughts Peter

Shohin Azalea and Larch Spring Update

Hi Folks, Just wanted to share some spring colour with an update on an azalea and a J. Larch that I got last fall. I haven't done anything to the Azalea except to use the last owners back position for the new front - first photo (he liked to see the

Modern shohin display

I was asked to provide 15 to 20 shohin for an upcoming shohin exhibit in Bavaria, Germany. They just wanted the trees with stands. Now how many small stands does one have? Anyway, since quite a while I was contemplating the possibility to show shohin in a

Photos from the British Shohin Association’s 'Shohin Off' weekend event 2011

This was our (Ritta and I) first time to a BSA event, and to Willowbog also. We’d very much like to add our congratulations to the organisers for arranging such a great Shohin bonsai event. Our personal thanks go particularly to the proprietors of

When is a shohin no longer a shohin

This Willow Leaf Fig (Ficus nerifolia) has been growing in this pot for the past 5 or 6 years. The roots are starting to conform to the pot so it's time for a big decision = put it in a larger pot and let the roots continue to expand beyond shohin size o

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