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Laura and Almanzo at their Stone House with their dog, Nero

Laura and Almanzo at their Stone House with their dog, Nero. In this picture, Laura is about 65 and Almanzo is about 75. Did you know that Laura Ingalls Wilder was only 4'11", and Almanzo was only5'4"! The counters in their home were therefore lowe

[Complete]Nero from the LWO vs Lucifer king

Nero LWO vs Luci the king blue vs violet water hero vs morphtronic Water hero vs QD plants with no quickdraw Water hero vs [strike]morphtronicgood duels i dont know how to use the font options

Chip chopper

This is different.

Vitis vinifera -Common Grapevine, Cipro Nero (Mavro)

Hi Everybody, Mavro (Greek: μαύρο, meaning "black") is an indigenous red grape cultivated on the island of Cyprus. Cyprus belongs to the old world of wine producing countries and the grapevine below collected from one very old vineyard. The

Nero Team: Rise Of Force IC #2 2014

Thanks for the poster Noverz!   Promo made by Nos Hey guys, it's a new year! So we bring you our 2nd edition of our annual IC, we hope this year would turn out even better than last year, hopefully you enjoy our song packs as much as you did

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