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Childminder Vacancies - Caversham

I currently have vacancies. About Me I am an Ofsted Registered Childminder, I absolutely love kids. I have two very young siblings one is four and the other is just about to turn three. Spending time and looking after them is so enjoyable that it

Childminders in Horfield, Bristol

Hello our names are Tracey & Michaela and we are a very close mother and daughter team of OFSTED registered childminders. Who enjoy working together, so why pay for one childminder when you can have two?? As there are two of us you can be certain

Childminders required for wedding

Hi I'm getting married in September in Harrogate and was hoping to offer a few of my guests a childminding service in the evening venue which is in a hotel. Are there any childminders or companies who would be able to help me with

Kids Inn Childminders opening July!!

Hi there! My name is Kiya, I have worked as a nanny for 3 years now and am opening as a registered childminder in July with my assistant Jo. I am soon to complete my level 3 diploma in childcare and we both hold child first aid certificates, food hygiene

Ofsted registered childminders in Outwood, Wakefield WF1

We are Christine and Amber, mother and daughter who are both Ofsted registered childminders working together. We offer a safe and happy environment for children and do lots of activities such as baking, gardening, creative play, pretend play etc as

Any childminders in the Catford/Foret Hill area

Greetings! I am looking for a childminder who lives around the Catford/Forest Hill area. I am due to go back to work in a few months but looking at childcare options at the moment. My child will be 10 months when I go back. If anyone has or

Haynes Hill Willoughby Childminders in Ash Vale

About Me My name is Lettie, I am married to my husband Justin. In August 2011 we had our daughter. We have lived in Ash Vale for almost 5 years. We have two young birman cats, they are both very affectionate who love being made a fuss of and are used to

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