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New Manba Wig

My wig FINALLY came in! Woot! Here are the test wig pics. Im not wearing manba make because I am currently in between classes. I may experiement later, or wait until Ive tanned a bit more. Got a tanning package for Christmas, but Ive been so busy I

My attemps with Manba

I saw Pin's tutorial on her make and I have been trying to make it work. This first picture if my second try at it, I know my eyebrows aren't covered but it was kinda a take on the Manba look and make it into a normal styled make up. I don't like the

Yamanba, gyaru, manba, etc.. Still around? :o

I've been dying to know, are they still around coz I'm just not sure. I really hope they are but my friend's cousin lives in Japan and says she hasn't seen any D: I just really need to know :3


I wanted to try this, basically (though I obviously cannot wear it out) and maybe wear it to a con? I am not overly familiar with how manbas do their makeup, or what is an outdated style, but I found a picture that resembled this online and really liked

Manba attempt

I thought about going to a local anime convention as manba, so I practiced the make. Tell me what you think. I don't normally do this style so I need all the help I can get.

My Manba Make. Tips?

hello~ i know i'm new here, but i thought i'd just jump right in- any critiques on my Manba Make? yup~ *waits for people to tell me how suckish my Make is xD*

OLD manba Makeup

Okay so You know how to do Hime makeup now... Now it's time for manba! (I think this is an old style so if you are wanting a newer style I wouldn't keep this look!) (btw, I think the last on may be Kaoru Watanabe, lols)

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