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Free forum : Healthier Homes

free forum : People sharing healthier ways to eat, clean, and take care of their families.

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Free forum : We are the Fruiture!

Free forum : Healthier living from the minds of kids. Know the foods that lack!

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Free forum : Mission Slimpossible

Free forum : Share help, advice, support, tips and ideas for a fitter, healthier, slimmer beginning.

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Free forum : The Weight is Over

Free forum : It's time that we really try to work together in making this world a little healthier. This forum will be designed to help individuals eat right, stay healthy, exercise, and if they so de

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Potatoes, healthy fixx article, opinions

So I'm trying to re-optimize my diet again. I've been doing a low carb diet and reacting pretty well to it, but wasting away at the same time. I used to eat carrots for the small amount of sugar as a way to keep energy up and more-so, bodyweight. However

Sitting vs laying

Which position do you prefer in your meditation practice? I find laying to allow me to relax more as when I'm sitting my head has a tendency to bob back and forth when i'm relaxing and it prevents me from relaxing. I will say that if you do lay yo

Healthier alternatives to common, everyday foods

Just thought it would be great to get a list going of good alternatives to things that we might get cravings to eat, like for me - pasta, pizza, chocolate! hehe! All the things I used to live off of before I discovered my hair loss! I have no trouble

Breakfast Cereals Are Toxic

I've ate breakfast cereals my whole life so I thought this was interesting read ... =================================================== Packaged Cereals Dry breakfast cereals are produced by a process called extrusion. Cereal makers first create a

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