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Greetings from Chesapeake

Hello, My name is Kristina. I go by Krissy or Cookie, or even Kookie, a combination of the two. I absolutely adore all my animals, and I do everything I can to spoil them. I plan to become a veterinarian one day. Currently, I am an LPN but I am

Is Bumper Crop considered a compost?

I am brand new to SFG. I am so very excited but also confused...I have been to the 2 nurseries in my area and have been told both times that the combination of compost, peat moss, and vermiculite will not work. Obviously, it will. I was lectured at both

Is this a locust?

(Or other equally evil critter?) If so - suggestions on how to chase him away? (I know those didn't work out so well for Egypt in the Bible...) I have seen him (or his friends) a few times now... Something is chomping on my garden and causing

Extent and speed of lionfish invasion is 'unprecedented'

Copyright © Thinkstock Lionfish are invading the eastern coast of the US at a rate never seen before a survey by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has found. The lionfish originates from the Indo-West Pacific Ocean and was first reported off


FULL LIST OF JUDGES AT CRUFTS 2010 & WHICH BREEDS ARE ON WHICH DAYS 124 days to go Crufts 2010 Day 1 - Working & Pastoral Day 2 - Terrier & Hound Day 3 - Toy & Utility Day 4 - Gundog Discover Dogs at CruftsShow Crufts

Montana Spotted in a tunnel

Spotted a Montana in one of the tunnels of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge - Tunnel in Virginia. I was headed south, he was headed North towards Cape Charles, VA. edit: OOPS, WRONG FORUM.

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