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Tail Biting

Jess is growing into a charming wee heart breaker........... We cant complain about anything, but I'm very worried about her occasional attacks on her tail? She goes into a frenzy and starts barking in a high pitched manner. When I say no, she totally

Large lump on cheek on my puppy

right ive a 5 month old pup, took her to the beach for the first time yesterday and today shes developed a large lump on her cheek? its the only thing diffrent thats happend? shes eating ok and shes drinking water ok, i cant see any cuts i or nothing like

White Cheek Goby????

I just got a small 40 gallon a few weeks ago, I ahve been without a fish tank for 2 years I am really excited about getting back into the fish community but I really really want whit cheeks.......does anyone know who, where or how I can get them?

How to Stop the Biting

We are learning the painful way why puppies should be left with their mothers until they are eight weeks. Rascal has taken to biting us, in some cases quite hard. What are some effective ways to address this behaviour please? At the moment we are

Omg fink my cheek has paid off

well gtta wait for a fone call looks like my look cud be in with some yb,s off multi fed and combine winners ?

Biting and agression

Hi there, I really need some advice if anyone can help or point me in the right direction. I have a 10 week old staffy puppy called benjy... he is very loveable and friendly but he is biting and nipping meand my mum constantly. My mum's skin is fragile s

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