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Fooley Guild on the charts

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Riddim Up Collection : ( One Link A Piece)

Yeah dis iz a liccle collection of Riddim Up volumez weh mi manage fi pick up online and otherwize. Mi dunn know sum peepz request less linkz fi already posted Riddim Upz. Mi manage fi get my handz pon couple more volumez and fling them up pon Megaupload.

Yeah, how to add horn charts to rock music the RIGHT way.

Most rock tunes with horn charts end up sucking, here's one that TOTALLY kicks ass in major fashion. There's an almost Mingus-like vibe to some of the voicings used. The melodic guitar solo is completely killer as well.

Charts - Freedom and Dependency.

My god son is twenty eight years of age, he plays trumpet. He's done several tours in Iraq as a fighting soldier and is now in the Army band. Around the summer of 2008 he came out for a week's visit. It was a real joy having him here and fellow

Swing Song In The UK Charts

This is a song by Scottish bluegrass artist Paolo Nutini just releast in the UK charts check it out guy's and tell me what you think. I think Its feckin fantastic....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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