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International MOO Conference 2009 Last Updated by Jack yesterday contact: Darius dariusjack2006 at yahoo. ie International MOO Conference 2009 thank you very much for your kind reply. I plan to organize International MOO Conference 2009

#moo2009, #international, #conference, #2009 last, #updated, #jack, #darius, #dariusjack2006, #yahoo, #2009 thank, #very, #much, #your, #kind, #reply, #plan, #organize, #inte

Witchy Women Support forum : WitchySisterHood

WitchySisterHood. com and Pagansuperstars. com is a global community that encourages connection, freedom of expression and prosperity. Kat'z Rodriguez and GlammieWitch, both founder and co-founder

#pagan, #forum, #witches, #tradditions, #magick, #discussions, #ancestor, #channeling/mesa, #(seance), #lucky, #charms, #spiritual, #ebbo, #(cleansing), #spell, #breakers, #love, #binding, #spells, #fertility, #advanced, #candle

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No Reply emails

I get them daily from a particular source that wants to sell me something. I suppose they know that if I could reply they would get a response they don't want to hear. I've started to delete all "no reply" emails. Unless there is two-way

Enya .19 reply from Craigslist

I have reposted my Cox Engine wanted ad on Craigslist just yesterday and have gotten a reply. The reply was about a Enya .19. What would you offer for a used complete Enya .19? I personally don't need it but if anyone on here wants it, let me know!

The 'We Demand Channeling, Respectability and the Bugle' Thread

For as long as there has been a Forumshire it has been marked out by several things, prominent among them was its sense of respectability, of proper hobbit-sense spoke plainly- and for that Odo was our exemparly. For as long as there has been a Forumshir

I'm going to be an Uncle

Some of you may know, I recently found out that I am going to be an uncle. This has been increadibly stressful, as she is only 17. Today, I found out that she is pregnant with a girl. So...I will have a little niece in the coming months. Not quite sure ho

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Lex Shikon (first one to reply can have him)

Name : Lex shikon Gender : male Surface Age : 4500 Visual Age : 21 Appearance : Personality : lex is a very smart man he has a heart of gold but you dont mess with him when he fights his mind is clear he likes to drink and he likes women but he

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