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Cece's WIP Male Sims...a LOT!

So, I was thrilled that I was able to not only boot my game up fairly least quicker than the usual amount of time. In game ran so smooth...SHOCK!! Even the furniture and stuff adjust very quickly! So I decided to go to CAS and see if it was

CECE in sf magazine!

thanks to amber123, we all found out that cece got interviewed by sf magazine! this is the first page of the interview! i figured i would post on the forum in-case some people dont look at the chat box. post your congrats to cece here! an

Sneak peek of some of Cece's Sims I'm working on! Plus extra! :)

Warning...this thread is full of picture spam. Do grab a coffee and a sandwich before you tackle viewing these. I will not be held responsible for any fainting from over exertion due to viewing these. Other than we go! Although I'm still

A badonkadonk Cece would be proud of!

Isn't my simmeh hippilicious? Or is it bootylicious? I'll throw in this one incase people want to see her features better: If only I was graced with a body like that!!! If I saw a chick walk past me with that body, I'd be staring

Internet disconnection - only affecting Forza?

I think I'm slowly going insane. I can't race online in public or private lobbies without getting disconnected every sodding time... I'm using a Belkin ADSL router (7230-4), and I've never had any problems with it. I can play Modern Warfare etc all

Pic's for cece to view

hi cece. you mentioned about an open staircase. i had a quick play around with a staircase last night. and this is what i came up with. it took me all of about a hr. is this what you were thinking of ???? if this is what youare

Who will be Cece's cuddy buddy? :D MAJOR PIC SPAM!

Ok, some of you know that my Cece sim, made by my wonderful friend Kat will be finding her a man. At first it was without a doubt going to be Tag...but I forgot all about Dimitri...who deserves a chance to find love also. I'm just posting pics of both

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