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Guinea Pig Haven is a free forum for all those who are fans of guinea pigs! We are pro rescue and actively raise funds for guineas in rescue. We also love to chat about any thing guinea!

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Staffy v Rottie

On my way to work this morning I saw a guy walking a Stafford & a Rottweiler together on one of those split leads - you know the ones that just have the one handle & splits into two about 2/3 way down? Anyway, the two were walking side by side,

Other than Staffies what other breeds do you like?

For me, the Bull Terrier, in white. Others would be the Shar Pei, which I think is an amazing looking dog. Sadly, those very looks have led to health issues. American Bulldogs seem like good looking dogs, not sure what their nature tends to be?

Blake, Shepherd x Rottie,

Blake, Shepherd x Rottie, DOB 02.08 Posted 10-08-2009, 09:23 PM Blake, Shepherd x Rottie, DOB 02.08 His Story: Blake was brought home as a 12 week old pup to live with 2 brothers in a flat in London. They loved him dearly, but were

Mix Breed Foster Puppies!

So I call my mom yesterday evening and learn that she has 5 5-6week old mix breed puppies. She was helping out with some shelter dog transfers that day. She told the lady who was picking up the dogs from the shelter, "don't go getting another litter

The World's Smallest Rottie - Part 2

I had to run to a meeting this morning and only took the dogs for a short walk. When I got home, I took them out to the backyard to see if there was any "business" that needed to be done. The evil neighbor Doxie, Roxy immediately started

Scarletts Mummy and Daddy Along with Bella the rotty ^_^

courtsy of my best friend who is giving me scarlett has kindly let me steal some piccys Missy (white and brindle staffy), Luga (ABD) and Bella her rotty! They are all beautiful dogs and the biggest suck up you1ll ever meet Missy (The

Any GBR owners, lovers, breeders?

Well... are there? =P

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