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Henry Cavill

Can't remember if I've mentioned him before, but I don't see a thread in here on him so.....Henry Cavill. He plays Charles Brandon on "The Tudors" (Showtime, I think). Smokin' Hawt!! PERFECT face and body....*sigh* I think he upstages

Zack Snyder Discusses Visual Style, Cavill's Workout Plan Snyder On Visual Style Of A "Realistic" Superman And Henry Cavill's Workout!The Sucker Punch director talks about how his unique filming style will be affected by his

Are We Going To See Henry Cavill As Superman Anytime Soon?

Henry Cavill Cast As Superman!

I dont know what to think about this. Wasn't he one of Singer's finalist? Cavill cast as SupermanBritish thesp to play superhero in rebootBy Dave McNarySuperman is taking flight with

Richard Donner Talks Superman, Zod, & Henry Cavill Donner On 30 Years Of Superman, The 'Man Of Steel' Reboot, And Re-Cutting 'Superman II'Posted 10 hrs ago by Rick Marshall in DC Comics, Hot Stuff,

Recent Pics Of Henry Cavill at the link.

Henry Cavill's Physique Vs. BJ Routh's

This is for the many, many ignorant and uninformed individuals out there. You know, the one's who claim that Cavill's suit is "full of padding", or that BJ Routh was as "big" as Henry Cavill when he was training for Singerman Peeps?

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