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Favorite Skillet album.

Skillet guitarist Ben Kasica has left the band. I thought time to tell what your favorite Skillet album is.

Skillet/Disciple/Decyfer Down

I'm getting to go see these 3 bands Saturday night in Nashville! My neck will probably be major sore from headbangin' on Sunday, but it will SO be worth it! Crank it up!

Skillet Guitarist Departs

Quote: Panheads, fans, friends, and rockers, WhatÂ’s up everybody? We have just returned home from Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, where we had an awesome tour! However, as we are taking a little time off, we have a sad message to

New Skillet EP

According to, Skillet will be releasing a Digital EP called Awake and Remixed EP containing several alternative versions of their last album, Awake. It is scheduled to be released to digital stores on March 22nd.

Skillet added to a couple of big events...

After Skillet finishes their tour with Toby Mac and House of Heroes, and before the Christian music festival season hits, they have been added to a couple of big events in the secular mustic side of things: 1) MMR-B-Q 2010 (WMMR --Camden, NJ/Philly),

New Skillet Interview address's "watered down" lyrics

Really cool interview with John about the new album and other things. I know in another thread there was a discussion about the lyrical content and weather or not they have "watered down" their lyrics. He touches on the subject and I do see his

Skillet vs Disciple

Okay, I thought this might be a fun series of threads to start (and it won't be nearly as hard as picking your favorite song from each album). You pick your favorite band from the two and hopefully explain why. I will try to pick two (or maybe three)

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