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Activated Carbon Users... READ THIS

How to have a protein skimmer AND a carbon filter on 29 Biocube....

Problem is when you install a protein skimmer in compartment 1 of your 29g Biocube you must remove the carbon filter. I realized the filter cartridge was nearly the same size as the flow tray above the bio balls in the second compartment. Get 3M

Carbon/Poly Filters

I am thinking about running another media reactor in line with my phosban reactor. Currently my nutrient export/filtration system consists of a filter sock, skimmer, GFO reactor, and a refugium. Wondering how many of you guys are using carbon or poly

Expired carbon inserts in HOB filter?

Recently, I added two BIO 3 filter cartridges to my Emperor 400 HOB filter. I bought them for the reusable clamshell but they came with a floss/carbon insert, so I used it. What is the current thinking on these carbon filter inserts? I haven't used

Carbon Monoxide

Okay people time to get serious, Carbon Monoxide has cost the lives of lots of campers over the years .... the main culprit is being cold People try to keep warm anyway they can and have often used bbq's to heat inside, when the flames go out and th

Carbon Reactor

How do you know when its time to replace the carbon in your carbon reactor?

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