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The Captive Subject

A forum for enthusiasts of toy photography.

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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Community

This forum is dedicated to the Total Annihilation Kingdoms Community. Here you will find information about the latest works for Ta: Kingdoms, and what its community has been up to lately.

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“Takiya Kalaams” – The Crutch Phrases To Hold You Captive!

“Takiya Kalaams” – The Crutch Phrases To Hold You Captive! Every show has their set of crutch phrases, “takiya kalaams” that a character or characters use and ultimately keep you enthralled. Takiya Kalaams (nothing to do with pillow talk!) are phrases

Who Took The Super Out Of Superman?

A very long, detailed, brilliant look into just what might be the problem with Superman's sales troubles in the comics: An excerpt: In my view, the greatest source of

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