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“Takiya Kalaams” – The Crutch Phrases To Hold You Captive!

“Takiya Kalaams” – The Crutch Phrases To Hold You Captive! Every show has their set of crutch phrases, “takiya kalaams” that a character or characters use and ultimately keep you enthralled. Takiya Kalaams (nothing to do with pillow talk!) are phrases

ML Midge engine

Has anyone heard about the ML Midge engine? It's a .5cc diesel engine, avaliable only throught plans, made by Mark Lubbock... I managed to get my hands on those plans, and having access to machining tools, I think it would be a great first project...

Ben Scott - Bachelorette 9 Contestant - Spoilers - Discussion

sanlee088 wrote: Ben Age: 28 Occupation: Entrepreneur Hometown: Lubbock, TX Height: 6'2" Shoe Size: 11.5 Tattoos: Yes, left side of the rib cage Three All-Time Favorite Movies: Tommy Boy, Avatar, Transformers Favorite Magazine: Men's

Who Took The Super Out Of Superman?

A very long, detailed, brilliant look into just what might be the problem with Superman's sales troubles in the comics: An excerpt: In my view, the greatest source of

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