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S.G.M / C.G.B

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Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia Forum

Free forum : Grab a coffee, sit back and relax as you browse the forum full of challenges, chit chat, hot news, and much more!

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Bend Over, Grab Ankles

Exxon just made 11.4 BILLION in the 4th quarter in PROFITS..40+ Billion for the year..And Im supposed to impressed by this?? Fucking Bush you cock sucker!!

grab rails

Hi All Why can't I find a grab rail that would attach to the same mounting point as the luggage rack on my bandit 1200s.... I would love some grab rails similar to what is on the spyder - see photos attached :-S My wife would like something more

Grab Handles

Hey all, decided to switch things up again. I was looking at 4 Wheel Parts in Raleigh and they had some for Wranglers for $30-$40. Found mine at Tractor Supply for $16 even for both.

Two handed butt grab

I think we are all aware that we can take both hands off the handlebars and the bike tracks straight. Well, with my girl on the back, I have been known to put the throttle lock on, take both hands and reach back and grab a pair of cheeks. Kinda funny

RZR grab bar rattle

How have you guys managed to get rid of the rattle in the passenger grab bar? I have never really used mine because I mostly ride solo and I hate stuff rattling.

Found one - no longer wanted - Rear Grab Handle to suit 07 Bandit

Anyone got an old handle, doesn't matter about color ? My bike came with the Ventura rack so was missing the grab handle, I would like to go back to the original look with the factory handle. Thanks

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