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International MOO Conference 2009 Last Updated by Jack yesterday contact: Darius dariusjack2006 at yahoo. ie International MOO Conference 2009 thank you very much for your kind reply. I plan to organize International MOO Conference 2009

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Lex Shikon (first one to reply can have him)

Name : Lex shikon Gender : male Surface Age : 4500 Visual Age : 21 Appearance : Personality : lex is a very smart man he has a heart of gold but you dont mess with him when he fights his mind is clear he likes to drink and he likes women but he

I'm going to be an Uncle

Some of you may know, I recently found out that I am going to be an uncle. This has been increadibly stressful, as she is only 17. Today, I found out that she is pregnant with a girl. So...I will have a little niece in the coming months. Not quite sure ho

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Enya .19 reply from Craigslist

I have reposted my Cox Engine wanted ad on Craigslist just yesterday and have gotten a reply. The reply was about a Enya .19. What would you offer for a used complete Enya .19? I personally don't need it but if anyone on here wants it, let me know!

Serious Canker problems with Acer Palmatum

Hello, I'm looking for some help and advice please with Cankers on a recent Acer that I purchased. I'd seen it in a garden center last autumn looking a bit unhappy and again in the winter with lots of branch dieback. Whilst there this spring I saw that

No Reply emails

I get them daily from a particular source that wants to sell me something. I suppose they know that if I could reply they would get a response they don't want to hear. I've started to delete all "no reply" emails. Unless there is two-way

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