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Oz Canal

An online forum to discuss boating on French canals

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Towl Gaming

Towl Gaming is currently running a 10 slot HL2RP, and an 8 slot HL2RP Canals.

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Immortal Hair

Natural hair regrowth forum. The latest science and news on hair loss and male pattern baldness. How to hair loss and regrow your hair. www. Immortalhair. org

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Mixed canals

Here we go the start of the new canal league good luck all Venue: mixed canals Peg: Rest Bite Date: Aug 23rd Time : 10.00 Roy

Good rigs on rivers and canals

Hello everybody i'm new to the forum but just wanted to know can anybody show me a couple of good rigs for the river and on a canal. would you float ledger or standard float rig. Please any advice would be good thanks

Tactics for lakes/ canals

A brief intro, i'm used to fishing the coast with small plugs for bass and pollack. Since i live in Birmingham this limits my opportunities to a couple of times a year. An old boy in the pub suggested i tried pike fishing to get my lure fix. So here

Canals 2013

shropshire union canal peg one july 17th 17-00 basingstoke canal peg secret spot july 8 09-00 chichester canal peg 2 august 17th 10-00 nantes-brest canal peg ruisseau d'auberge july 2nd 10-00 bedlem bridge peg 2 september 16th

Best weather conditions to fish the local canals

hey fellas new to the pike game and looking for some helpful tips on weather patterns for the local canals just had first hard frost and was wondering if i need to get on the bank when its like this

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