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What Elisabetta Canalis did next - part 5

And we r all #jetlagged !! jonathancheban @jacquelinemwood . See u guys tomorrow . 3 2 1 #rolling

[No title]

Elisabetta had to sacrifice her own career - which career?

Elisabetta Canalis - girlfriend 2009 - 2011 part 5

socimar wrote:What I find ridiculous is that this new TV show, "The Night of the Chefs" is produced by Mediaset Channel 5 which is owned by.....BERLUSCONI. If she had any brain, wouldn't she want to stay away from anything Berlusconi at least until the

Elisabetta Canalis - girlfriend 2009 - 2011 part 4

Found by Henway: From Panorama Italian to English translation Only one month to launch the new Lancia Ypsilon: the small chic debut in Turin on 1 March in Geneva, will list later in the summer and will have five doors. Meanwhile, the British

What Elisabetta Canalis did next - part 3 reboot

For those still interested in what Elisabetta Canalis is up to in her life post-George, I'm re-opening this thread for her. I remind anyone who wants to post in this thread of the house rules which you are expected to follow. If you don't think you ca

What Elisabetta Canalis did next - part 1

[this thread is a continuation from previous threads. The conversation is about Stan Rosenfield's twitter account - katiedot] Yeah, Mel, but why are they following him - to see what he tweets about his clients - nothing to do with his fan power, just

Kiebler Crisis! George Clooney wants to get back with Elisabetta Canalis

Before we all get excited, I'm of the opinion that the Italian tabloids make UK and US tabloids look like responsible broadsheet reporting, but what the heck, it's always fun to speculate. Oh, and vote above whether he should get back togetgher with

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