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Experiment 626: Leah Hart

I've noticed my female simmehs are kinda sexy all the time so... I decided to try and make a sim that wasn't beautiful or ugly, that was just normal so to speak. Boring is what I mean really. I made Elsie a while back and she turned out loverly, but I

Fluffy wants a 'clean' slate.

accepted. Spoiler:  name Annaleah "Effy" Elizabeth Ashwood. aliases Anna, Annie, Effy, Eff and Eevee. age/birthday Fifteen years of age, born on September 11th, 1995. gender Last time she checked she was female, hence the

EA Screws Another Customer

For those of you that have been paying attention to my bitching about EA, I've been trying to migrate my XBL GT to my current email address (or log into my EA/Origin account and change the email address to my current one), because the email address it's

[FINISHED] Cassandra Leah Shaw

Real Name: Cassandra Leah Shaw Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: She doesn't care for using a different name so she goes by Cassie Title: Cassie Alignment: CG Age: 7 but she is half fae and was raised in Arcadia by her grandmother after her mother died on

Leah's Tale

Leah's Tale by Eridani Games Available at: Amaranth The world of Estis awaits you... In a quiet little village there's a party planned and one young girl has a big birthday treat in store for her. With her family and friends about her

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One Ok Rock - Communication Confusion


1st Half Spoiler:

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