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Free forum : 1000 Years has passed since the last battle for king of the demon world. New rivalries, betrayals, tricks, bonds, and battles are about to ensue. Who will survive this Gods Trial to the v

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Rivalries between the Army and Navy ect.

Were there any documented accounts of rivalry between the armed forces during the Zulu War? (I.e.) between the Army and the Navy as they often fought together on land. And did this cause problem for the officers of both departments. For instance the

Spell Penetration and Spell DC math

Your Spell Penetration: 1d20 + caster level + spell penetration bonuses (include feats, enhancements and items) Your Spell DC: 10 + the level of the spell + your bonus for the relevant ability (Charisma for a Sorc or bard, Int for a wiz, wisdom

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