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Bzz report just approved- no points

I have a question. I just checked and one of my reports was approved and they said the Hive found it to be a good report. Is that polite for "it Stinks"? I had no points listed at all. What are they looking for- any ideas. I have always gotten 3

FYI For Those Thinking About Leaving BzzAgent...

... you're still welcome here!

Email from Jake concerning missing mypoints

got an answer today Hi Leigh, Thanks for your email. There have been a few hangups with getting points transferred over to MyPoints this week, as some last minute details had to be ironed out. However, it should be all set as of today, and the points

Anyone tried Keurig?

I've been interested in a Keurig machine...but haven't tried one. A while back when Houseparty had the Keurig party I first became aware of it, but didn't get the party and so therefore have never tried a Keurig brewer. It would be great to me, I'm

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Level 4 keys?

I sent an e-mail the other day and got a response from Jake. So all us Honey Bees now have an answer on if we should have gotten one:: My e-mail::: >To whom it may concern, > > I would like to say first off, that I hope that whomever

What's in the Box? An Unofficial Bzz Contest

UB is having a contest! What's in the Box? Trash or treasure? Valuable or not? Winner gets whatever is in the box! To enter the contest, PM me with your username. Since this is being sponsored by our board, we would like a

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