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Old school Punch 160

A colleague of mine has a couple of old Punch amps. One is a Punch 40, the other is a Punch 160. He was wondering what kinda price the 160 would bring, should he decide to sell it. Any ideas?It sure brought back old memories of my first amp--the

Archives of Budo: "Kodokan Judo’s Inauspicious Ninth Kata: The Joshi goshinho"

A trilogy of papers representing the most comprehensive treatment of the Joshi goshinho available was published in Volume 7, Number 3 of the "Archives of Budo", 2011.The general URL to the issue with the articles is provided

Archives of Budo: "Kodokan Judo's Elusive Tenth Kata - The Go-no-kata"

A trilogy of papers representing the most comprehensive discussion of the Go-no-kata available anywhere was published in Volume 5 of the "Archives of Budo", 2009.The URL is provided below:http://1423.isl-scie...p...34879&dz=s6

Budo: The art of killing (judo)

I think this should be the first video posted here.

Uhh, WOW...1910 Punch Cobb

I apologize if anyone thinks I am "outing" this card, but it is listed in the correct category so I dont think anyone is going to miss it regardless.If this is real, its amazing. Has anyone seen a Punch Cobb

Uchida Ryôhei - "The key points of budô"

I stumbled across this book called 『武道極意』 or budô gokui by 内田良平 Uchida Ryôhei, which to some forum members might be known as the creator of the first(?) book on jûdô (circa 1902).There's a number of pretty interesting things in it, but the thing that

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