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The Inquisition

Better Crippled in BodyThan Corrupt in Mind

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Grey knights Forums

Greyknight fan site for table top gameing This order of light is dedicated to the way of the emperor and to stamp chaos in to dust

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inquisition hq

so i got me a copy of this inquisition abomination of a codex, and the way i read it is..I can make IG my Primary detachment, i can ally them with Chaos Space Marines, i can also ally in an inquisitorial detatchment. and from that inquisitorial

Rough 1850 Inquisition List

I'm not certain if this is what I want but it occurred to me nonetheless and I thought that I'd get somebodies opinion.HQ-CoteazGK Librarian - Quicksilver and Might of TitanElt-Vindicare AssassinTrp-Warrior Henchmen x12 - Bolter x9

Dragon Age Keep: Inquisition's Alternative to Save Transfers

Shame you can't upload your original data.... but then this gives some adaptability to your story, I like the fact you can start afresh though too  BioWare has revealed Dragon Age Keep, an application that lets players recreate the choices made in

Inquisition detachment?

With the release of the Inquisition codex and the introduction of the Inquisitorial detachment has anyone toyed with bringing a detachment?I considered bringing just a Coteaz to sit behind some LoS terrain to help guarantee/secure the alpha strike,

Inquisition -- 1500 pts

Aaron has grown tired of facing my 'Crons, it seems. I tossed this little mess together so I can try out a smaller Assassin Star and the Orbital Strike Relay.HQ:Coteaz. 100 ptsLibrarian. 150 ptsTroops:Warband -- Assassin x5 (swords an

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