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Fairy Lamp Club

The Fairy Lamp Club, established 1996, is dedicated to the research and advancement of information related to Victorian and contemporary fairy lamps.

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Studio pottery views

I was just discussing glaze misses on studio pottery,in my opinion they're just indications that the pot is hand made but do these "imperfections" put you off buying a pot?

Crimean War Photographic Van

Alex, this is the only pic that I have Let us see if Marco can defy all the laws of gravity on this topic by producing INFO before John cares to chime in I presume it was only 1HP

Turquoise Art Glass Ruffled Rim Vase, Fenton? Help with the ID please.

Hi,I picked this up yesterday and it is absolutely stunning to see in person. It is 2 tone turquoise with a black rim edge on the ruffled rim. It's about 7" tall and 8" wide at its widest point and is quite heavy for something of that size. It has the

2011 CUP-LMPV2 Car Set ***GET IT HERE***

Just started on this carset, featuring the 2011 Cup series drivers and the late model mod. It's a pretty simple one, as the cars' paint schemes are plain, based on the primary color, and some stuff like the spoiler or the tapes are filled with their

Speed Event Buder Park Fenton, Mo. Random Photos

Decided to take my bike up to St. Louis yesterday, and check out a Speed Event that was listed on my calendar. I know just about nothing about this area of our hobby, and just took some video, pulling these stills from that footage.The location is

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