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Ever wanna live your dreams, come forth and see Caroline and her friends live her life in the early college days as she is about to embark on a long journey thoughout Yaweth to discover her true destiny when two nations are on a brink of war caused b

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Kyle Brink

Real Name:Kyle BrinkSuper Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: NukeTitle:Judge.Alignment:VillainAge:14Gender:MaleRace:HumanHair:Completly GreenEyes:Green nowHeight:5'9Weight:180Costume Description/Image: if Description please be very

Brink of Consciousness 1: Dorian Gray Syndrome

Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndromeby MagicIndieSeries links:  Brink of Consciousness 1: Dorian Gray Syndrome, Brink of Consciousness 2: The Lonely Hearts Murders Available from:Alawar Collector's Edition / Standard EditionBig Fish


I got an email today that mine has shipped from game fly I should have it by Wed.Who else is getting this game?

Guess who won't be playing Brink tonight....

This Guy!!! But what will I play? should I go with Homefront? I've played the crap out of it recently and now I'm in the top 1500 in the rankings so I might try to slow down on that. I don't like being a level 75 high ranked asshole..... maybe I

Brink pre-order bonuses

Didn't see this posted yet, so here you go!

Brink colors

What colors will you guys mostly use? I'm probably going to stick to either Black, or the Doom colors.

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