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SusaHumor Forum - to discuss the humour of Susan Boyle

A forum for those who want to celebrate the humour of Susan Boyle, and have some fun in a relaxed forum environment!

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Free forum : Susan Boyle Fan Site

Free forum : Susan Boyle Fan Site. Large membership

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Happy 50th Birthday, Susan Boyle!!!

A very happy birthday to you Susan, from your humor loving fans! Always keep your spirit and your sass alive and burning brightly to illuminate an often humorless world. We here at SusaHumor are fans of your "Holy Shit!" as well as your

Does Susan Boyle Deserve an Honorary Doctorate?

It's Doc Boyle!

News of Susan Boyle's Honourary Doctorate seems to have turned her into a mad scientist! She now insists on being called Doc Boyle, and has turned her house into a laboratory. Here she is earlier today working on some experiment or other! You heard it her

New SBFII Banner

The new banner at SBFII sucks beyond belief!!! I did not even know that that was Elaine C Smith. And what the hell does Rab Nesbitt have to do with Susan? BTW, what was wrong with the previous banner??

Important Info for Guests (non-Members)

Important information for prospective members SusaHumor was originally just a Susan Boyle fansite, but has now expanded to become a general humor, music, film, and TV discussion forum. Many musical artists are now discussed alongside Susan

What WE would like Susan to sing!

I've heard that the execs at the record company have asked the old dears what they think Susan should sing on her next CD. Given that they probably last bought a record in about 1950, I think they're the last people they should have asked! Anyway, I

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