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For members and fans of BoulderAirsoft. com A group dedicated to the sport of Airsoft in the Boulder Colorado area.

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Looking for recommendation for coach

Hi, I have a group of 4 girls looking for beginner golf lessons. I really need some recommendation for a good coach. Would appreciate if anyone could offer some help here! (: Thanks! (: Sheenz

Recommendation for club in the east

hi guys, i'm looking for a club in the east, namely Laguna, Tanah Merah or NSRCC. what are the pros and cons of the 3? i'm also concerned about the land lease, with most expiring in about 10 yrs time. has there been any news that they might be

Recommendation for Malacca Course

need some advise, got some friends thinking of driving up to Malacca for leisure + golf. Which course are nice to play? We are having some non-golfers too so best of the resort/hotel have some other leisure activities, pool etc. Thanks for all your

Any good Hybrid recommendation?

I am considering to buy hybrid (utility) club for use in rough. Any good recommendation? Thanks!

Recommendation for Golf Coach for my niece

My niece is about 16 yrs of age and would like to pick up golf. I would like to check if there is any recommendation for a reputable, good, and recognize golf school and coach ?

Any course recommendation in JB?

Need to bring my client to JB for golf, any recommendation? How to book with them? do we call them direct?

Good recommendation on a driveshaft...?

Guys, Who would you recommend for a driveshaft? Should have around 750HP and turn around 7500 max...

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