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The Kage:

We got the Freedom, Freedom to Rock.


The not-so-epic Students' Forum

For us students to do something in our boredom.

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Free forum : Are you bored? You're not the only one! Come join other bored people.

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Beevatar boredom

It's raining and I can't go out and play so I decided to change my avatar. From a babe bee with the rare nippleback... To the more common steelback bee:

Mei Terumī

Name : Mei Terumī Nickname: Gender : Female Age :30s Appearance : Personality :Mei is a cheerful person who is almost always smiling regardless of what she is saying, such as when promising to kill someone. She is usually kind however, speaking wel

Science fiction

Well as stated I don't read a lot of fantasy as most series I start them and then get disillusioned when at in the middle of the third book I can figure where it's going and usually how. (Far too many fantasy writers seem incapable of plotting in a deacen

Jellal's card making boredom

So as you may know i make a lot of random card's and i still can't find the card creation area on this site if its there link me to it but anyway heres a few cards i made recently Also check the links

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