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Jetta Owners Club

The Jetta Owners Club is a venture into the Car Club realm which puts emphasis on meeting like minded people and having fun with our booted VWs

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Very Clean 83 Caddy....sweet deal!

Saw this the other day down in Chicopee MA...... @ east st auto All original, factory paint! 83,000 miles one owner. Only options missing was a factory sun roof & wire wheels It came from an estate sale in which the seller knew the late

1 Sept 2012: Pictures! George Clooney on honeymoon in Bora Bora with mystery blonde

George Clooney is on honeymoon in Bora Bora – but only for a Norwegian Bank advert (the same bank he got married for last year, and oh, weren't those 'George clooney married' news headlines oh-so-fun!). For more about this, as well as everyone's

What Crown Lynn Tableware Patterns do you think are the most popular?

Just about every pattern that Crown Lynn made has it's followers. But what do you think should be in the Top 10 favourites? I've started a Poll for this with a multiple choice function - please vote, but if you think that there should be other

Actress Panchi Bora New Photos

Crown Lynn Forma

and the backstamp...

Catherine & Sean Tweets/Facebook Updates - Discussion

I really need to add "New Thread Maker" to my resume. Keep the discussion going here...

Some more no name patterns for gallery - include Castella and Sunrise Rust ~

This one does not have a bs but is typical CL Possibly Violetta /image_preview.php?i=670&u=16143437][/url]

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