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Too Cool Clan

only the cool and bold are allowed here

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Bold Moves Mustang Club, BMMC, Mustang Clubs, Tulsa Mustang Clubs

Mustang Club in Tulsa Oklahoma, Oklahoma Mustang Club, Midwest Mustang Club,

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Can Someone bold "Forum"?

I don't really need much, i had someone help and he put forum on the image which helped: But i need the Text "Forum" a little bit more bold, have the text aligned better, and just make it look like the rest of the nav-bar i

Bold Ranks

On my forum I have bold ranks is there something I can do to have them like this? > "rank" and not "rank"?

How to make bold usernames?

Hello. I'm wondering, how to make bold usernames? i was trying to use this html code: Code:.user .username{ font-style: bold !important; font-weight: normal !important; } But it didn't worked. ;<

Why do some people appear in bold when online

I know that mods and admin can appear in bold, but I have a user who is neither who is appearing in bold type in the online user section and I have another user who is worried that is because she is a mod (they have history) she isn't. but it will

All Text has become bold

All of the Text on my forum has suddenly changed overnight. It has suddenly all become bold text. On the forums, the posts etc. It has made it harder to read. How do I change this so it goes back to normal?

How to select a text in iFrame and bold it?

Hi, I have an iFrame box and I am able to type some value using typekeys function in Selenium IDE. Now I want to select the text that I have added and make it bold. Bold option is there in a tool box in the iFrame. Example as below. Type Hello wold

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